how to keep us out of negative thoughts?

The trick is to focus on gratitude, fokuslah on what you own, what you have accomplished and have you achieved. Take the time to make a list of your mental strength, your success in the past, and your current profits, so our thoughts remain in positive frequencies, which you will realize how successful and kompetennya you. It can regrow your self-confidence and start building your success again.


It may sound ridiculous that sediki repeating things that we know have been able to increase our mindset, but believe me that it can be very effective when we are sinking. Without we realize our mind can do the wrong thing against manipulation relalita. The more negative things that we think will affect, and confirm that belief. If you believe that you can be successful, then your mind will figure out a way how to get it.

2. How to stay focused?
Focus to Unhasy (Finding Opportunity For You Succeed). The second fatal case that could erode the motivation is because it does not focus on what we want. If you are prompted with the question: “which is more dominant that often you think, whether you focus on what you want or don’t focus on what you want?”. If your answer is more often focused on what you don’t want, why do you not focus on concrete goals?. Usually things don’t you want appears in the form of fear, and incarnate in mind such as: I’m afraid of being poor, fear no one appreciates me, I feared being alone, etc. The problem is the fear of thinking won’t make us be better, in fact we tend to fear will do, so that in the end the fears it will take yourself and eliminating the motivation Media Berita.

If you’re stuck on a thought-provoking fear, then the first step you need to do is make the goal (purpose) in life are really clear and defined it, because by defining your goals clearly, you will follow up in the form of the action. If you fear poverty, create a series of plans to create revenue/income for you. The key is to keep moving, and
right action to mewujudkangoal goals in your life.

By focusing your mind on a positive thing rather than a focus on the fear that bothers you, then you have put your brain to continue to work, which is beginning to manifest your success. And the first step when you are feeling motivated is to take action (actions) right now, no guessing, and not procrastinate.

The factors the causes why children late learning/difficult talk

Below I’ve posted some of the factors the causes why children late learning/difficult talk according to some literature and my personal experience as clinicians through observation and interviews with parents.

The factors the causes why children late learning difficult talk


When children experience developmental delay muscles very hard/heavy for a child to do quick movements required for speech and voice production. Of the hundreds of children who had me check almost 90% of children experienced a weakness of the muscles of the body (trunk) primarily includes the muscles of the neck (neck muscle) the consequences are not capable of producing a sound/difficult and difficult to move quickly to speak (neural firing to control the muscles of the neck, tongue and mouth

(slow) so that trouble so treatment sensorimotor or Remote Integration (SI) will help strengthen the muscles of the body as a whole so that the muscles of the chest cavity to be strong strong that sound production will increase … Finally … can ya guess … hehe. So

like in liputan media When the muscles are weak speech therapy was encouraged to broken-down will not solve the problem without thoroughly corroborated my muscles are less sure to fruition. Sound production is not just mouth and throat problems but have to go through a very complex mechanism.


Some children lack a lot of hanging out with other disekelilingnya, so the time to interact with reduced.. so. .. children can practice the skills engga interlocutor with others. This type I have encountered in children living in condominium/high rise building, had a home on the edge of the highway … and. rarely play to the neighbor for fear of ketabrak vehicles, cold, dust, etc. when I reply naek clay railway children maen beside railway pas pass. .. they are also fun tuh … Or children who are not cared for by their parents or caregivers … busy texting, chatting, watching TV is another activity that ato so that less attention. SO PLEASE PLAY WITH THE KIDS
YES. .. Its Fun too ..! Tired emang tapii … really fun loh … TODO I kalo maen off ball fitting in the living room, maen all activities with the children. When they were little … eventually the children grow up. .. exceeding the other children.


On certain family child was taught to speak by gesture/cue/kial … effective in the House but could not be applied in a friend’s friend eventually children rarely use the words … so when prompted by the … tired … Deh … In conclusion, speak with the child though
they have yet to talk. Do not pake bahasa TARSAN Yes..

Famous alias NUMBER Number ingkang POR (Javanese kok. United Kingdom. hehe)


Many people around the children did not speak with the children because they do not expect the child should say on them or his talk should be understood by children, finally … also do not talk … When they talk to the children. .. Although children can already talk … Yes
by the way … cheapskate ngomongnya. deh. said.. Mbah.. Yen baseball beat melody sound ga tuh … hehe


Now this custom is experienced when the parents do not provide sufficient time for pause provides an opportunity for children to respond to what will be said.. eventually the parent or caregiver engga patient. SO. .. pleaze listen to son kite Yes.. computer name aja jangkir there are computers.. ampe computer
duocore processor which BLASSS … so. .. children also are slow … There is a child who responds to cepet respond ampe … make a mouth foaming mami … haha …

If children are not given the opportunity to say/respond to older males will also be passive because they are given the opportunity to respond to engga.. Conclusion is. .. WAIT. .. and HEAR …. our children

Well Cekalang nomel six yach said dedek..

6. excessive Stimulation slash OVERSTIMULATION

We often want our children become SUPERKIDS … wue.. EE … the way home … with a variety of languages … the parentsnya had a background in Chinese, English, Indonesia, Java, they mix up. .. When talking to children … Let children clever linguist … can the Arab
add Arabic … can language … France.. Add French …. Aduuuhhhh … charmingly tenan … … well because people JAVANESE sitternya baby … baby sitter ngajari KROMO INGGIL matur nuwun PISAN aunt … children
confused as to which language should be followed up by the aza engga. Finally.

This is the same as when two children hand coordination skills have not been good but the father mother throws a few balls at a time … so. .. could dibayangken be nangkap engga? The same analogy when Mr. mom
run several programs on your computer. .. all in. pijet.. the Jet eventually.. computer HANNK ..! well tuh should reset … lagee data loss.

Lodging Favorites Friends Walking in Singapore

Singapore seems still so getaway favorite destinations abroad to solotrip, barengan best friend, boyfriend, couples atupun family. In addition to this is the closest neighbouring countries, promo tickets to where it is also most commonly found.

Lodging Favorites Friends Walking in Singapore

Lately, I often get emails containing questions about lodging in Singapore. Because I am not so often go to Singapore, I feel there is not much that I can recommend. In Singapore alone, many options of places to stay, from a hostel, hotel, serviced apartment, rent apartment to bungalow. Wherever it is, as long as the place is comfortable, safe and fun. So far I often stay at 5 URfootway.inn group. Other times it seems willing to try Naumi Liora and Wanderlust. To add information as well, finally I tried asking a few friends a fellow Walker, and this rangkumannya.

Want to know Singapore’s favourite residence of several friends of Walker and bloggers? Who know it could be one of those ideas where to stay for your journey further, check this one out

1. Somerset Liang Court-Debbzie Leksono

Every trip to the Singapore agenda always create a wellness check-ups papa and mama, or often transit a few days after a long haul flight after spending the holidays in continental Europe. Because of the emphasis on facilities fully equipped rooms, we opted to stay in a 2 bedroom serviced apartment. Currently my favorite is Fraser Suites River Valley and Somerset Liang Court. Each unit apartment has full kitchen facilities with cooking and dining, living room, dining room danmesin wash (important nih buat sekoper laundry full of dirty clothes after an extended vacation, hehehehe).

It’s like home, away from home. If told to choose, Somerset Liang Court is most ideal. The location is just selemparan bakpao from Hang hout Clarke Quay, plus dempetan same Liang Court Shopping Mall. Horeeee! Would it be easy to make foraging and shopping purposes at the supermarket. Love!

2. Katong Village Hotel-Timothy W Prawiro

Usually the right people to the Singapore goal create shopping. Well continue if more bored where dong? Udah nyobain Katong area to ever yet? That’s why the deket2 same East Coast. Infrequently kan ya there? Haha.

Last year briefly nginep in areas there, at the Inn whose name Katong Village Hotel. Kok also confused can anyone Yes hotel area there In Penginapan di jombang, instead of (seem to) residential area, huh? PAS sampe there, indeed bener sih, this residential area turned out, many apartments … and nyelip lah Village Hotel Katong there:-)

If you are clay looked outside, you would certainly never ngeliat buildings with a similar design at Bugis area. IYA bener, they did one group. It turns out that the concept of the Village is let the guests could feel alive like a ‘ local ‘ people of Singapore.

It sure looks like from the outside the building with the old design, Yes, but don’t get me wrong! Jeroannya tokcer abis! It could’ve been terliat from the check-in lobby area, where his … maknyos … really chic, design-its okay and very your colourful bangets! Sampe to his room any bener2 amazed, because it really is beautiful with many of his ethnic design. Any super clean bathrooms! Trus, ga am with plugs, since many are already available with the ‘ hole ‘/plugs.

3. Beary Best-Rinta Dita

Nginep first in Beary Best time in 2012 because of the curious time browsing kok cute colorful Interior and many teddy bears everywhere. Udah gitu a strategic location in Chinatown that are really the same deket MRT, but neighborhood-not a sepadat in Pagoda Street. Rooms are clean because all guests are obliged to remove footwear and shoe rack loafer nyimpen, should not dipake to the room. Like the other hostel-hostel, rooms there is a mixed dorm and female dorm rates which in my opinion is quite worth it. Each bed there are lights and plugs him. The bathrooms were also clean with a complete reply, there is hot water and a hairdryer.

Standard amenities like free wifi and breakfast already there, so they also provide beverage and cup noodles, so kalo laper or thirst not need to exit the hostel, just buy there aja. Most importantly I think the hell here staff-staff friendly and baek all there are handsome, trus #eh anyway. Because of the impressive experience it later reply to Singapore again definitely nginep there. In addition to the already males nyari-nyari again, kalo udah ever nginep in Beary Best us automatically so the member whose name is Beary’s friend. Well Beary’s friend is surely dapet special discounted price under the publish rate kalo mau nginep again there.

Tip: don’t forget to bring your own padlock create ngunci locker, because there are not provided. If you need privacy, select a lower bed because there is gordennya:D

4. Landmark Village Hotel-Bugis Tesya

If anyone asked me, “Mba, I first to Singapore with his family, should stay where?” I always ask first, “his Budget?” If answered around SGD150 per night, I always recommend Village Hotel Bugis. It’s also that I choose when bringing families first vacation to Singapore.

5 reasons to stay at the Village Hotel Bugis in my opinion are:

Just a 5-minute walk to Bugis MRT. 5 minutes to the Queen Street Bus Terminal, buses aim to Johor Bahru. For who wants to do Legoland trip, perfect really stay here.

2) close to the kosher culinary compulsory in Singapore: Zam-Zam Murtabak. Well, probably too subjective Zam Zam Murtabak: p near the hotel (the Arab Street) many halal food available, is Yes … really deket with Sultan Mosque.

3) it skipped SAEX Bus, special buses to get to the Singapore Zoo.
Forget it riding the MRT and buses to the Singapore Zoo, far and really long! This comfortable SAEX bus became the mode of transportation from the hotel to the Singapore Zoo and vice versa. Oh ya penginapan jombang, why the Singapore Zoo? Because for the first family to Singapore, one of the places that I recommend is to visit the Zoo.

4) a large swimming pool and Nice.
If children bring, udah cape a day of sightseeing, most fun if you can unplug chilling out at the pool, yeah right?

5) spacious rooms
The average room size is 32 m, so your kids will have ample place to move. Ohya, the hotel is also the baseball problem tuh we carry 2 children. Males kan kalau stay at hotels that charge extra for children?

Dangers Of Using Gadgets Before Bedtime for Our Healthy

Dangers Of Using Gadgets Before Bedtime for Our Healthy

Using Gadgets Before Bedtime via

excerpt from before the 19th century, communicate with people far away is something that is difficult. Looking for any information difficult, only to rely on newspapers and radio. But in this era of progress, not to mention be a difficult thing to communicate and find a lot of information. Technologies are evolving so rapidly makes all the work becomes easier, especially gadgets.

The gadget now seems to have become an everyday essential needs of human beings are inseparable. Lately this technology becomes the most faithful companion of man, it can even be said that there is no one who does not have a mobile phone at the moment. Some time ago, the mobile phone is one of the most luxurious objects. Almost all the circles are now than have it.

Smartphone users on average spend 140 minutes to interact with smartphonenya in one day. While the laptop users on average spend time 4-6 hours to interact with the form per day. So it can be inferred that in one day, nearly 30% of time spent interacting with a Gadget.

There are large number of arena of information that can be obtained using gadgets, sometimes someone difficult parting with this technology. Even before bed should take self to interact even just to see the notices only. But there are so many negative effects that can be caused if too often do so before going to bed.

Dangers Of Using Gadgets Before Bedtime

Cause Cancer
Quoted by from Healthadvisorgroup on Friday, March 18, 2016. A 40-year-old man with cancer of the eye due to his habit of playing mobile phone before going to bed. Initially the man felt his eyes the longer the more opaque. But then she felt something went wrong with her after seeing her eyes were so red like never before.

Because it feels there is something wrong with his eyes, he checked himself into the doctor. And surprisingly, it turns out this guy was stricken with cancer of the eye. The doctor explained that this happened because of the bad habits of the man who always took themselves to playing mobile for 30 minutes before sleep.

When a person is too often face with light eye retina mobile, will break down and triggers the growth of cancer cells.

There are also other cancers that can be caused by the use of the gadgets before bedtime. According to research conducted by the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, rays of radiation will cause gadget increases the risk of breast cancer.

Based on research conducted by night workers who often interact and berpaparan directly with the rays of the gadget. The percentage of breast cancer in women caused by reasonable in frequency using technology before bedtime reached 17%. Then the researchers assume that blue light that emerges from this technology can have an impact on the increasing hormonal esterogen that can trigger the emergence of symptoms of breast cancer.

Cause Sleep Disturbances
In a study conducted by scientists from the LRC (Lighting Research Center) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute believe that the light of backlight on the gadget can cause the Suppression of melatonin. The research shows that light backlight can suppress melatonin around 22% within 2 hours of exposure to the light.

Melatonin is a chemical produced by the pineal gland at night in dark conditions. So if exposed to light at night can disrupt sleep by stopping the production of melatonin. Melatonin suppression by light at night that circadian disorders that could lead to that will result in disruptions in sleep.

So the author can convey information about the dangers of reasonable in frequency interacts with gadgets before bedtime. May be useful for readers and increasingly avoid because it is very dangerous.

Writed by : Protein Hewani

Pembahasan dan Review Menjaga Kesehatan dengan Vitamin A, D, C

jantung adalah salah satu yang sangat penting ada organ dalam tubuh kita. Tanpa itu, tidak diragukan lagi kita semua mati. Dengan demikian, untuk memastikan kesejahteraan dan kesehatan tubuh kita, sangat tepat sekali perhatian sejak awal dan diberikan ke jantung.

Selain itu perlu dicatat, jantung kita akan terus berdenyut selama kehidupan masih harus pompa sel-sel darah yang cukup bagi tubuh. Namun karena gaya hidup tidak sehat, sebagian besar dari kita cenderung untuk menyerang penyakit jantung.

menjaga kesehatan

Sebagai diperbarui, serangan penyakit jantung adalah salah satu penyebab utama kematian di antara orang-orang di negara-negara maju dan negara berkembang seperti Malaysia.

Pada kenyataannya, serangan jantung tidak tidak dapat dihindari. Cumanya, kita perlu untuk menjaga hati kita mulai dari sekarang.

Bagaimana saya?

Pertama, kita harus mulai kebiasaan baik sejak anak lagi sehingga (baik praktek) berlanjut hingga orang dewasa.

Ada banyak cara dan tips yang diberikan dengan cara di mana menjaga hati kita.

Buku-buku tentang hal yang sama ini juga melimpah di pasar. Salah satu dari mereka ditulis oleh Dr.

Jamilah Jamaludin berjudul hati-antara hidup dan mati (1997), penerbitan dan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). Dalam buku ini, ia mengungkapkan beberapa tips untuk perawatan jantung panduan. Seperti pengendalian berat badan, menjaga diet, berhenti merokok, latihan, mengurangi stres atau stres dan membuat perubahan gaya hidup.

Pengendalian berat badan

Obesitas sering memicu faktor risiko lain seperti kadar lemak tinggi, tekanan darah tinggi, diabetes dan seterusnya.

Oleh karena itu, kelebihan berat badan harus dikurangi nilai yang sesuai untuk bentuk tubuh.

Dan biasanya, obesitas karena kelebihan makanan yang dapat dipraktekkan sejak muda. Pada kenyataannya, mereka yang memiliki kelebihan berat badan tidak menjadi aktif, dengan demikian kalori dalam makanan mereka tidak digunakan.

Maka kelebihan makanan yang diubah menjadi lemak berkumpul tetap di bagian-bagian tertentu dari tubuh seperti paha, perut dan seterusnya tanpa Miss jantung. Tapi ketika lemak menumpuk di jantung, itu akan mengganggu pekerjaan jantung.


Bagi mereka yang ingin menurunkan berat badan, dapat menghindari makanan kaya lemak seperti mentega, keju, ghee dan makanan bersantan.

Penderita jantung sendiri disarankan untuk mengambil hanya sejumlah kecil makanan berlemak. Makanan yang mengandung kolesterol harus dihindari.

Ini termasuk telur, mentega, hati, otak dan seterusnya. Penggunaan minyak dalam persiapan makanan harus dibatasi. Di sisi lain, didorong makanan dimasak dikukus dan panggang. Memasak dengan cara ini lebih baik.

Gizi seimbang membantu menjaga kesehatan jantung Anda
Sayuran mentimun, lobak, semua jenis kubis dan buah sayuran berdaun hijau lain baik untuk pria-ditanggung kesehatan dan kesejahteraan. Dengan demikian, sangat baik sekali hal ini dilakukan setiap hari obat-obatan.

Hal lain yang berhubungan dengan gizi disarankan untuk tidak mengambil alkohol.

Hal ini tidak hanya rumit upaya untuk menurunkan berat badan tetapi juga berbahaya dalam tubuh, terutama hati.

Berhenti Merokok

Mayoritas orang-orang yang menyerang penyakit jantung adalah di antara yang asap. Jika pernah mendapatkan serangan jantung, harus sesuai dengan nasihat dari dokter praktek itu mengisap rokok dihentikan. Hal ini mampu mengurangi risiko penyakit jantung dari itu.


Latihan adalah cara terbaik untuk menjaga kesehatan. Jogging, berjalan dan mengayuh sepeda adalah beberapa contoh bagi mereka yang telah menderita serangan jantung.

Singkatnya, latihan apapun yang dibuat secara teratur baik dan jelas kegiatan ini dapat mengurangi risiko mengembangkan penyakit jantung.

Menjaga hati dengan latihan
Berolahraga di antara kegiatan hatimu sehat
Latihan dapat membantu jantung mengedarkan darah lebih efektif. Sisanya, dengan latihan rutin juga membuat menurunkan tekanan darah.

Perubahan gaya hidup

Risiko mengembangkan penyakit jantung koroner dan hipertensi tinggi tekanan darah yang sering dikaitkan dengan praktek atau gaya hidup seseorang. Ini mencakup gizi, rekreasi, kebiasaan merokok dan seterusnya.

Dengan cara ini, jika praktek kami, itu berubah. Praktek-praktek hidup sehat tentu bisa mengurus tubuh kita, dengan demikian menjaga jantung sehingga hidup selalu harmonis.


Terima Kasih Kepada :

Tips For single before meet some one

For you who are single, never not mikirin reserved partner? I’m sure, I was indeed not the only people who matter and soul mate I mikirin also sure, everyone had their own standards to become his partner, right? But the question is, has it ever tried to memantaskan myself to get that desirable?

I, a 20-year-old girl who’s status as a single room among friends who are dating. Indeed it is obvious, sometimes not want to have a girlfriend. But I guess, I have to pick a partner, not a boyfriend. While people are busy around there looking for a girlfriend, I want to pick up my partner. Yes, again a matter of love.

I’m single, does not mean not saleable. If you want, I can just have a boyfriend, which yesterday it, just answer Yes, be already. But like I said earlier, I want to pick up the jodohku. Here’s how? With memantaskan yourself!

I’m ashamed if it found a partner with a State like this. I’m still not very good, while I pengen dapet best. Is this fair? It is not. That’s why, I’m still tetep keep to-single-Ness I until recently. I am learning and trying to be a good jodohku for women, women-are-according to gods best to accompany the jodohku. Isn’t it good for man woman anyway?

My age is still 20 years, I still want to work, study, the pursuit of dreams, adds temen here and there, share it with other oran, picking up a sustenance, enjoyed as a young man, and aah … still a great many who wanted me to do. But I do not just create myself, for others, create a family and the candidate’s House later.

Tips For single before meet some one

When last night I thinkers question mate, I found this cool in my timeline tweets from a twitter account @ipphoright mas and yak! Tweet-tweet that’s who all of a sudden make me want to write my bunk mate problem and on this blog. Nohok really brothers and sisters! Here’s my tweet from twitter account stacking mas @ipphoright:

honestly, before marriage, I know dg bbrp women. got nimbang2 too, but I eventually ‘ stop ‘ mikirin them. his name is guy, definitely want a saucy wife. It’s legitimate. jg bolehin religion. at least the saucy mnrt kt. jd ntar at home in the House:)

more than that, I also want my prospective wife that relatively good actions. If possible, better jauuuuuh my drpd:)

I also ‘ search ‘ to here and there, checked the person — it, dont see:), I ask for prayer to orang2 & guru2. eh, dont see you as well. It turns out there’s something yg lbh drpd was all important.

one night sy struck me. Sy want prospective wife conditioned Duha & bertahajjud, tp do sy routine air-conditioned & Duha watches?

Sy want prospective wife diligent budheg, tp does diligent routine sy? apparently not! I do not routinely do so. jaraaang!

Honestly though rada heavy & half dont sincere, sy try merutinkan Duha, watches & budheg. plus increase the alms

Prepare yourself for later and future

Prepare yourself for later and future
After we struggled learning the move on from the former, now’s the time we improve. Preparing ourselves for our soul mate later, breakup doesn’t mean you have to constantly blaming myself. because everyone certainly never had the name of breakups. Prepare yourself to welcome couples who indeed was created for you. Ever denger’s Partner was a reflection of yourself as justin timberlake on the song mirror.

Yaa, if you know the couple was a reflection of yourself you would have been if you want a good partner, you also have to be good. The faithful want you also to be faithful. Hmm, well let’s discuss tips for self memantaskan create pasanganmu future.
Memantaskan yourself to Love
1. Finish your business with yourself
If you want a good personal so you should be able to ‘ make peace ‘ same yourselves, forgive all the guilt you upon disconnecting in the past. Dispose of all sense of regret you, fix it yourself and create the best version of ourselves for the sake of pasanganmu later.
2. learn to love myself
Love yourself aja can not how can other people would love ourselves? There is a saying said “Love yourself before loving others” Yep, it’s true, the way we love myself it could be indicative of how we will be loving others. Fix ourselves as best as possible, sort and select where the bad stuff you should be revamped and improved.
3. Do you interest
Interest or passion is the obligation we have, than we are busy thinking about negative things in pairs. The better we are busy on the things we gemari, it can reduce the effects of suspicion you later. And also do the things you want to do, emang as travelling, reading, writing, singing and everything. Here’s your chance to do all of it, the more things that you are interested in can generate money coffers.
4. Inter goals before chasing love
The pursuit of love is important but more importantly to pursue ideals. Everyone forgot that there are other things besides the love it deserves we pursue. However, most people prefer to pursue his love rather than the pursuit of their goals so that they are sacrificing their time and their future. But do you love will come naturally when we deserve love. So, pursue love or ideals?
5. Forget the past and live in the present
We have to be and really should forget the former. In order for the ga name CLBK this can only damage the relationship you later. So live in the present and past to place you as a story and history on the corner of heart you. Let it be the secrets and stories for you. fix the mistakes of the us in the past.
6. love will come by itself
The way which we go through are indeed different but hopefully God will meet us at the end of the same street. Believe me, love will come naturally when you emang bener * ready and love will come up with a way that ga ye expect at all. Dariapa looking for love we better figure out a way how we can live happier and valuable.

So, you appreciated yourself and later you will be appreciated pasanganmu. Yaa, that’s a little self memantaskan tips to meet your soul mate that is in the future. What harm we improve myself to become the best version of ourselves? survivors Move on:p


Be personal exciting and acceptable among any is the wish of all people. Everybody wants to be called interesting, to be the center of attention, famous and admired a lot of people. Be interesting and fun is an obsession most people. Interesting and fun to include aspects of the physical (outward) and non-physical (includes: emotional, personalitas and integrity of the personal)

The key, be personal, friendly and don’t forget to smile. Although impressed simple, a smile is a sign of hospitality that can build the atmosphere with the opposite talk. Interesting people and fun made people love him and always want to close and want to see it as well as want to interact with him. People who have the charm and fun like has a wealth that is priceless.

Personal fun basically starts from how we determine the attitude and behavior. Attitudes are tendencies to act, think, berpersepsi, and feel in the face of the object, idea, situation, or value. The attitude is different with the behavior, but it’s more of a tendency to behave a certain way towards the object of attitude. The object attitude can be a person, thing, place, idea, situation, or group.

The rest, to rely on kecakapan communication with the opposite talk. Kecakapan those which are:

1. Manners
Always polite and good to other people causes us to be exciting and fun for everyone else in the area. If you meet with whoever we think “warm” and friendly to him. Tegur who was sweet and warm, like : Hello…how are you doing, Good Morning, Good Afternoon…, the dsb should always we say complete with facial expressions and body language are sincere which reflects and represents that all. On the new the first time we knew we’d better say : “I’m so glad to meet You…, When-when do we chat again…, dsb.

People who want to perform interesting, fun and to be noticed is people will never hurt, and it hurt my heart and feelings to other people. When heart people are hurt then it’s going to be difficult to be able to recover in a short time just maybe once hurt his heart turned to fire the revenge on fire the around-the-time can explode like a bomb neutrons are terrible.

2. Courtesy Tamahan
The principle “reach out his HEART”, actually ABSORBED and UNDERSTOOD TRUE purpose cause the IMPRESSION of INTERESTING and FUN at ourselves.
Welcome to tegur say hello to people : “No it feels like the words of welcome given by other people in a sincere and cheerful”.
Smile to the people : “There are 72 muscles required to purse the forehead, but it only takes 14 fruit muscles to smile”.
Call for people to mention his name : “the Music most voice and syahdu in the ears of whoever is the sound of his own name…”.
Act friendly : “If you want friends, be friendly…”

3. Respect
If we treat others as we want to be treated might cause tension, because others might not like the way we the. On the contrary, if we treat others in a way as they want to be treated then hakekatnya we have captured the essence of fleksibiltas ourselves the truth.

Respecting others means learning to treat other people differently according to the needs and their beliefs instead of according to the needs and confidence of our own. This could leads to understanding the moral acceptance of individual-individual and groups.

Respect to other people, maybe more easily understood as: “the business of looking for the common good that is divided together and then work together to achieve a result win-win”.

4. Full Attention
Attitude of full attention means to realize “what is going on in our environment”. Attitude of full attention related to the ability to read the situation implied. This can begin from as simple as paying attention when someone is feeling bored and feeling that now is not the time to convey the idea-the idea of us.
Being caring means to empty yourself of thought-the thought of ourselves in a subjective (able to see from the glass eyes of the other) and open up insights and thoughts to want to see everything outside of ourselves.
People caring too know when he should act and when he can’t act. The person a full attention will play in : tendencies, patterns, variation and chance. People caring will have an attitude open well to the information in, the idea or the suggestions of other people.

5. Royalah In To Give A Compliment
Praise is like fresh water that can offer you a thirst man will be rewarded. And if You’re always ready to dole out the fresh water that to other people, You are in a position strategic for preferred by other people. How to do that? Open your eyes wide to always see the good side in the attitude and actions of other people. Then praise sincerely.

6. Make Everybody Else Feel Himself As An Important Person
Show with attitude and sayings that you think other people are important. For example, don’t let other people wait too long, say sorry when wrong, stick to it promise, dsb.

7. Be A Good Listener
If that talk is silver and silence is golden, then a good listener is more noble than both. A good listener is personally needed and preferred by all people. Give him a chance to others to talk, ask questions and make him excited to keep talking. Listen with enthusiasm, and do not judge or advise him if asked.

8. Usahakanlah To Always Mention The Name Of The Guy With The Right
Name is the property worth is very personal. Generally people don’t like it when his name is called in a wrong or carelessly. When in doubt, go ahead. how to pronounce and write his name correctly. For example, people who are called Wilyem that he wrote hisself William, or Wilhem? While talking, call it his name as often as possible. Call Andre better than You. Sir Peter is more good sounds than just the Father.

9. Avoid The Habit Of Criticizing, Insulting Or Thought Any Less Of
Generally people don’t like it when his weakness known by others, especially humiliated. All of that attack directly to the center of self-esteem and can make people defend themselves with an attitude that wasn’t friendly.

10. Be Asertif
The person who was not the person who always said Yes, but a man who can say No when necessary. Around-the-clock could be a principle or an opinion You’re halfway there with the others. You don’t have to adjust or force them to adjust with You. Don’t be afraid to be different with other people. The important difference that it does not pose a conflict, but it raises the attitude is mutual. Attitude asertif always more appreciated dibanndingkan attitude Yesman.

11. Perbuatlah What You Want Others Do To You
Treat anything you want from other people who can menyukakan heart, that’s what you should lakukuan first. You have to take the initiative to start it. For example, if you want to pay attention, start to give attention. If you want to be rewarded, begin to appreciate other people.


There is a saying that “a thousand less friends, one an enemy of most”. This means that if we have a lot of friends then we will get many benefits both directly and indirectly, so we expected to make friends with many people. On the other hand we also have to avoid hostilities with others because it is only hurtful to us.

People are selfish, stubborn, culas, hypocritical, stingy, arrogant, spiteful, etc are generally very easy to make enemies and shunned by the people around us. But people who love to help, mutual help, love, kind, humble, honest, courteous, etc will be very easy to make friends and comrades will come by itself.

Be careful and always vigilant with criminals and criminal berotak human
because they can be harming you at any time by performing various criminal offence or conduct not fun you and your family and those you love. Berkawan with not a lot of benefits because they love to get attention and help you but they are reluctant to commit to you and virtues likely at any moment can turn into a cruel enemy and not callous/inhumane.

Teens love the friendly, solidarity among them high even they prefer a friend or a friend of the parents, they are willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of friendship. It is this factor that supports all friendship. But not a few teens who fall for failing in their friendship. Because he was not aware if he’s for that friendly in his personal jajah by his friend. It is a crime that is veiled in the guise of friendship. We must all be vigilant never off guard and get screwed. Private colonization in friendship means to impose someone is not free to determine or to take decisions in matters that are the subject matter or matters. As a result he couldn’t be himself, but always on the set and in the control of another person or a friend.

To nurture a friendship in need special tips, should this be realized and implemented by individual who want to succeed in your friendship. The tips and the goal of fostering the friendship itself, namely:

1. understand the behavior of others. Do I be suave, forget about yourself, remember to others, pay attention to other people. Within the next 2 months you will get more friends by observing others than you only pay attention to yourself only. Pay attention to the other person it means to be friendly to them, listen to their opinions, about family, about his hobby and others.

2. Smile sincerely to others. It is a simple way to get a good first impression.

3. Remember the name of the other person. If there are other people who are not familiar with the kit, but she memorized the names we call him, well, he’s also know who we are. Certainly we will feel happy. Napoleon was a famous King of feel it’s important to remember that people in jumpainya, even though he was busy. If he forgets, he would say “I’m sorry I’m not so clearly heard the name of the Lord”. If the name is in repeat and it turns out a little weird he asked again “how to spell it?” During a conversation in doing later, he attempted to take the name of it several times.

4. Be a good listener. Everyone wanted to hear in his words, but very few people who like to listen to other people. If we want to have a friend, be keen on listening to him, and give the reason and opportunity to others so that beebicara about herself.
5. how to draw the sympathy of others. The easiest way towards one’s heart is menyilahkan he talks about most things in hargainya. Or talk about the things that attract the attention of the people you are dealing with.

6. Do your best so that other people feel important and proud and admire sincerely.

7. Don’t ask background. Because sometimes people feel offended when asked the background. And at home to worry about a bad background.

8. Don’t expect other people to become our friend. But think how do we become a good companion make to others. Do with 1001 ways and in ways that are positive. Because when we too hope but not recall then arising liver pain.

9. help others while being difficult because usually people who are in trouble if you please, then it would never help at lupakannya.

10. sick friends because Jenguk arrival we already a drug for him.


The following tips-tips in choosing a job in accordance with the talent and personality:

1. Understand The Potential Power Of Yourself
What the hell can we do and what we like? If we have a background in education as a doctor, yet we don’t feel gifted to become a doctor and on the other side of the we very a hobby of spreading information about health to other people. From there we can be a consultant in health care or writers of books, newspapers, magazines, health.

The ability of buried sometimes can be a lifesaver. For example someone who is a graduate of accounting have the talent / skill to sell something, then he can be a sales product of a company as the first step. Just after ability as a salesman tested, we probably could have moved or diperbantukan to the financial while still just a sales job part-time to sharpen the ability akuntasi us.

2. Know Where There Is A Chance To Work
We can know there is any job opportunities from newspapers, internet, friends, family, and other stuff. When there’s a chance then we can try to apply for a job in the area. Surely we need to know the potential of ourselves first. If we don’t have any experience of job may be we need to be ready to work in the position of anything because the world that work completely different with the world school and college.

3. Prepare Everything
Want to work whatever we need capital. When applied for a job at least we made out a an application, your resume along with attachment-lampirannya start of yellow cards as a seeker of work, just the photo, the certificate records the police department, photocopy the id, diploma, transcript of grades, cards, family, driver’s license, and others. At the time interviewed with whatever we need clothes that good. After accepted to work we also need a few set of clothes of uniform work and other stuff until we get a salary and allowances first.

Don’t lose important is preparing mentally during our job interview, time of the day-the first day at work new, when you have to socialize with co-workers, when chewed out by a boss or senior staff, when facing a conflict or problem job, and other stuff. If our mentality is strong, coupled with the nature of good behavior, then it’s likely to survive work is big enough. If you are weak mentally then in your head only to soon find another job or move parts so I can adapt with the atmosphere of a new one.

4. Master The Tricks To Copy That Work
Rajinlah looking for information the world of work through reading a book, magazine, newspaper, and so forth to find out the that how that wanted the company to fill the position lowong. Learn how to be a man who wanted companies. Learn examples about the test potential academic, psikotes, test job interview, and other stuff. all that someday will help us in getting job.